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Latin Transcription

The Latin transcription of Laefèvëši has 73 letters; 39 for vowels, 33 for consonants and 1 for consonant or vowel.

In the below table, C. L. means Capital Letter (Majuscule Form) and S. L. means Small Letter (Minuscule Form).

Some Special Letters

Ä, ä; Ë, ë; Ï, ï; Ö, ö; Ü, ü– diaeresis marks secondary stress. The secondary stressed vowel is stressed, if it is at least four sounds before/behind primary stressed vowel.

Â, â; Î, î; Û, û
– this letters with circumflex appear only at the beginning of a word. They means that if the previous word ends at a vowel, this letter (â; î; û) can be omitted, but in that case it must be replaced with a tilde (~) and connected with that previous word; both words are now read as one.

Example: Pólï ávroj ânníaymï. - Pólï ávroj~nníaymï. (This is different.)
(The most correct form would be: Pól-öy~nníaymï.)

Ê, ê; Ô, ô– if they appear at the beginning of a word and in the word is another primary stressed vowel, then they mean the same as above. But if they appear in a word and there is no other primary stressed vowel, then Ê, ê represents ['ɛː] and Ô, ô represents ['ɔː].

Example: ponêryi [po'nɛːɾji] (wealth, richness)

Ă, ă
– this letter represents the only real tone in Laefèvæšii; it's a falling-rising tone, as the 3rd tone in Mandarin Chinese; it is also a stressed vowel.

Example: niónašăo [ni'oːnaˌʃă:o] (reading – gerund)

Ā, ā; Ē, ē; Ī, ī; Ō, ō; Ū, ū– macron (¯) represents a pronunciation of two same vowels without glottal stop.

Example: kínō ['kʼiːnoo] (beast, wild animal)

Áā, …; āá, … - the first two letters mean that is primary stressed the first vowel ['a
ːa], the second two letters mean that is primary stressed the second vowel [a'aː].

Example: Sáāsa ['sa
ːasa] (morning)

Äā, …; āä, … - similar as above, but here is secondary stress and not primary stress.

Ii, ii – pronounced as if written just one letter (ii as i [i]), even if one of the i-s is marked as stressed.

Example: Laefèvæšii [lae'fɛvəʃi]

Letter-Sound Correspondence



In the table below, not all vowels are showed.