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1. Phonology

1.1. Consonants
1.2. Vowels
1.4. Intonation

1.3. Stress

There are two stresses in Laefèvæšii, primary and secondary. The rule is that if a stress exist, it must be written. In some words, especially in those connected by a tilde (~) or hyphen (-), can be more primary stresses and/or secondary stresses. The stress is always marked with a diacritic above the vowel.

Primary stress: à, á,
ă, å (áa), è, é, ê, ễ (êe), ì, í, ò, ó, ô, ṍ (óo), ù, ú, ṹ (úu)

Secondary stress: ä, ë, ï, ö, ü

(See sections Vowels and Writing Systems for information about pronunciation.)

Secondary stress is pronounced, if the secondary stressed vowel is at least fore sounds before or after primary stressed vowel.

The stress can be placed on any vowel in a word.

> adívï [a'diːvi] – just primary stress, secondary stress is just two sounds behind primary (although it's written, it's not pronounced)

> Vosálaväi [vo'saːlaˌvai] – primary stress and secondary stress, secondary stress is four sounds behind primary

> çàtomymï ['ʣʌtomiˌmi] – primary stress and secondary stress, secondary is more than four sounds behind primary